Checking Fixtures

Specialist Tooling Technologies can design and manufacture your bespoke checking fixtures.

Multi point Checking Fixture

We design and manufacture a range of Multi Point Checking fixtures. Our gauges often use high precision Transducers to ensure accuracy and reliability. We design all of our gauges around customer specifications.

Inspection checking Fixture

Our inspection gauges are designed bespoke, depending on the product and accuracy of inspection required. We use a range of high precision inspection equipment such as; Laser Sensors, Transducers, Vision Systems and DTI’s. All integrated into our designs.

geo-check measuring

Our Geo-check measuring systems are a high speed, high accuracy inspection unit, often checking and inspecting multiple areas at the push of a button. Using many high precision laser sensors, he have the ability to develop complex inspection units.

cMM measuring

Precision and accuracy are important aspects here at STT, our CMM inspection unit allows us to verify our Gauging and Measurement equipment. We supply CMM inspection reports with each individual gauge upon completion. 

Measuring quality with success.

Our precision measuring equipment provides quality inspection


High precision checking fixtures, measurement and inspection equipment are essential in achieving product quality and consistency. The ability to quality check products before final production is a vital step towards achieving a reliable system.

Our unique designs incorporate different aspects of inspection equipment tailored to the specification at hand.


Frequently Asked Questions

Checking fixture (inspection fixture) is a name for inspection tooling. It is a scale to measure complicated shape parts. It is an order made item.

Checking fixtures are used by calibrating the fixture to a master part. The master will be the exact size required, the fixture can then be made to accept a high and low tolerance from the master.

They address the needs for dimensional checking. They also enable Statistical Process Control when it is necessary. Fixtures and checking fixtures enable operators to position and manipulate parts in a consistent manner.

Specialist Tooling Technologies do a range of bespoke checking fixtures to suit your needs. Check below for some of our checking fixture concepts and work.

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