Special purpose machines

Custom designed here at Specialist Tooling Technologies Ltd

Assembly lines & stations

We improve production lines by integrating assembly units, stations and full lines. Using assembly stations; reduces the risk of human error, improves production times and increases product consistency.

Leak Testing Units & lines

We design and manufacture a range of leak testing units and stations. Leak testers provide a reliable and repeatable way of testing produced components, improving batch consistency and quality. 

drilling, cutting & forming Units

Many of our customers require versatile machinery, whether drilling, cutting, forming or any other engineering process required.  We can provide a standalone unit or an integrated station to meet any custom specification.

Auto skiver & auto printing units

Automated machinery and units are the peak of any production line. They introduce speed and quality that cannot be found in manual production. We design and produce our own automated machinery, including integrated vision systems.  

Your dream. Our mission.

Our Machines are designed to meet customer needs

Special Purpose Machines are a vital asset to a production company, they provide versatility in production lines, improving quantity, quality and consistency, alongside to minimalize the risk of human error.

Here at STT we design and manufacture a wide range of Special Purpose Machines, developed to meet customer specifications and requirements. Take a look at some of our previously designed and manufactured machines.