Number Plate Machine

This is an auto loaded multi axis Router Transfer machine developed by STT. This Machine is for edging, chamfering & profiling Number Plate Blanks with a 3.5s cycle time.  

  • Blanks are loaded on an indexing conveyor, fed through an escapement where they are picked up, rotated 90° and pushed through a centraliser to position them ready for transfer, through the machine by a walking beam.
  • The parts are transferred through 4 – stations to machine the whole profile in stages.
  • Stage 1 machines the advertising lip profile and back edge using a bespoke 2 – axis CNC.
  • Stage 2 – machines both short ends simultaneously, using fixed, adjustable cutter axis and servo feed axis.
  • Stage 3 & 4 machine 2 – corner rounds, each using bespoke pneumatic powered rotary axis.
  • Control system is Omron PLC, Servo Drives & HMI, where profile form along with Feeds and speeds can be adjusted.

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