Laser Marking

Laser Marking

Over the years at STT we have been constantly evolving, exploring new ways to improve and expand our services, in turn, improving the overall quality of our work. Adding laser marking to our caliber has certainly helped us achieve this.

We offer an extensive range of in house laser marking, customer designs or custom designs by STT. not only do we mark in house, we produce integrated and free standing laser markers and enclosures, designed to meet customer specifications.

Customers often require their own designs to be marked onto their own components, with the use of our in house laser marker we provide a high quality, sub contract laser marking service. Get in touch for a quote on our laser marking service.

We design and develop bespoke laser marking enclosures. Whether your laser marker is integrated or free standing, we can design an enclosure to suit your needs. Laser markers, PC, automatic loading and automatic doors are all but a few of our custom included features. 

Wire Eroding

Wire Eroding

Special tool requirements can often prove to be a difficult problem to overcome for many companies. There seems to be tools available that are almost right, but do not fully meet your needs.

Wire eroding could be the answer to your intricate problems. Complex shapes cut within a tolerance of less than +/- 2 microns, with a surface finish as fine to match are all but a few of our service benefits. 

Wire eroding generally consists of machining harder materials, but our wire eroding service is not limited to certain materials, in fact ALL conductive materials can be machined to achieve our accuracy and surface finish.  

Hitting highly precise tolerances and achieving the finest of finishes are excellent quality’s, but being able to repeatably and reliably succeed in both areas is something that we pride our selves upon here at STT.  

Our team of skilled engineers work tirelessly to achieve immaculate surface finishes alongside hitting acute tolerances. We achieve surface finishes below CLA 8, further improving the quality of our work.  

Contact us for a quote, we will be back to you in no time. 

Engineering Support

Do your production lines suffer from frequent breakdowns? STT will work with you to redesign problem areas and give you support to improve the OEE of your production lines.


Special Purpose Machinery

Special Purpose Machinery

Special Purpose Machines are a vital asset to a production company, they provide versatility in production lines, improving quantity, quality and consistency, alongside minimalism the risk of human error.

Here at STT we design and manufacture a wide range of Special Purpose Machines, developed to meet customer specifications and requirements. Take a look at some of our previously designed and manufactured machines.

We specialise in machines such as;

Assembly Lines & Stations

Leak Testing units & Lines

Drilling, Cutting & Forming Units

Auto Skive & Printing Units

Check out our services for more information on what we do, or check out our gallery to see projects we have completed in the past.



Machining Services

Machining Services

Specialist Tooling Technologies Ltd have invested in machinery and personnel for many years. The fruits of this investment can be clearly seen within our company, with a number reliable accurate machine tools and many excellent staff to use them.

We have a vast range of milling capabilities from our 3 axis CNC Milling machines. With both short and long bed tables we are able to cover jobs of all sizes to the highest standard.

Our multi-axis lathes provide us the ability to produce components at the highest complexity in one single operation, this is achieved with a dual chuck and 4 axis spindle, intergrated with One CNC, CAD CAM software.   

Please contact us with your machining inquiries, we look forward to working with you.