Wire Eroding

Special tool requirements can often prove to be a difficult problem to overcome for many companies. There seems to be tools available that are almost right, but do not fully meet your needs.

Wire eroding could be the answer to your intricate problems. Complex shapes cut within a tolerance of less than +/- 2 microns, with a surface finish as fine to match are all but a few of our service benefits. 

Wire eroding generally consists of machining harder materials, but our wire eroding service is not limited to certain materials, in fact ALL conductive materials can be machined to achieve our accuracy and surface finish.  

Hitting highly precise tolerances and achieving the finest of finishes are excellent quality’s, but being able to repeatably and reliably succeed in both areas is something that we pride our selves upon here at STT.  

Our team of skilled engineers work tirelessly to achieve immaculate surface finishes alongside hitting acute tolerances. We achieve surface finishes below CLA 8, further improving the quality of our work.  

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