Aerosol Crimp Gauge

Inspection of Valves Crimped onto Aerosol Cans is a critical area in the Aerosol Can production process.

In 1997 Specialist Tooling Technologies Ltd designed and manufactured the first batch of Crimp Gauges for Unilever UK Ltd (Named Lever Faberge at the time).

This was like a breath of fresh air for them. Previously they had used fragile hand held Gauges which were frequently damaged by being dropped or knocked off of inspection benches, however, the biggest gain was the confidence in the readings that were obtained from the Gauges.

The older Gauges were somewhat subjective in the readings that were recorded, different operators were getting different readings. The introduction of STT Crimp Gauges removed this issue and at the same time simplified the inspection process.

When mass producing product, confidence in your inspection process is essential.

Specialist Tooling Technologies Ltd have now supplied a large number of Crimp Gauges to Aerosol companies in many countries.

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