Precision CNC Machining

Quality components made from our precision CNC machining services here in the UK

CNC Milling

We have a large range of 3 axis precision CNC Milling machines, with small to large tables. We are able to machine workpieces of various sizes to the highest standard. CAD CAM software is used in conjunction with customer supplied CAD drawings or CAD from our drawing office

Our services cover new components, spares & change parts, emergency repairs and redesigns.

CNC Turning

Using our range of high quality Lathes, we are able to produce complex components at high speed whilst maintaining quality throughout. We use CAD CAM software packages integrated with our Lathes to achieve this. 

Our team of skilled engineers work hard to maintain the accuracy and precision we desire at STT.

multi-axis turning

Our Multi-Axis Lathes provide us the ability to produce components at the highest complexity in one single operation, this is achieved with a Dual-Spindle Lathe, Y axis, C axis, and Live Tooling. One CNC, CAD CAM software is used for increased programming speed.

Surface grinding

We offer a high precision surface grinding service. Our machines cover flat and cylindrical surfaces, any material, any size. Our team of skilled engineers work to acute and precise tolerance bands, ensuring flatness, squareness and surface finish are all to a high standard.

Our resources. Your solution.

Using CNC capabilities to overcome your production problems

We have invested in machinery and personnel for many years. The fruits of this investment can be clearly seen within our company, with a number reliable accurate machine tools.

What is precision Precision CNC machining machining?

Simply put, it means shaping large pieces of material into more precise parts, so that they can meet very exact specifications. This process involves cutting, milling, turning, and electrical discharge machining, and is generally performed using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment.

At Specialist Tooling we produce small batch CNC machining to large scale mass producing, we can fulfill your machining needs.

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CNC Machining

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Precision CNC Machining

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