Laser Marking

Custom designed here at Specialist Tooling Technologies Ltd

Laser Marker Enclosures

We design and develop bespoke laser marking enclosures. Whether your laser marker is integrated or free standing, we can design an enclosure to suit your needs. Laser markers, PC, automatic loading and automatic doors are all but a few of our custom included features. 

Production Line Marking

Are you looking to improve your production lines? Adding an integrated laser marker could be the answer. With the option of ‘On The Fly Marking’ our integrated laser markers, provide the ability to mark components as they pass on a conveyor, this increasing production time & quality.

Product Laser Marking

Customers often require their own designs to be marked onto their own components. This is with the use of our in house laser marker, which provides a high quality, sub contract laser marking service. Get in touch for a quote on our laser marking service.

Custom Bespoke Designs

Our team of skilled engineers, create custom and bespoke designs, tailored to customer needs. These can range from custom labels for machinery; custom panels for electrical cabinets, name plates and component markings.

We can mark anything.

Our Markers are designed to meet customer needs

Over the years at STT we have been constantly evolving, exploring new ways to improve and expand our services, in turn, improving the overall quality of our work. Adding laser marking to our caliber has certainly helped us achieve this.

We offer an extensive range of in house laser marking, customer designs or custom designs by STT. not only do we mark in house, we produce integrated and free standing laser markers and enclosures, designed to meet customer specifications  

Laser Marking

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Here is the specification on our laser marker MD-X1520C.

  • Table Size: 310mm x 310mm
  • +/-20mm range from set pointer
  • 3-D shape marking
  • Built in 2-D code reader
  • Versatile material marking: Metals, Plastics, Resins
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Laser Marking

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Laser Marking Conveyor Workstation

Laser Marking Workstation