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What our software can achieve

CrimpLog was designed specifically to compliment STT crimp gauges. Each customer receives a version that is bespoke to their needs. This version is configured for aerosol lines that have only two valve crimp stations.

The user scans a QR code printed on the customers work instruction sheets. The QR code contains pertinent data required to create a Job Card within the software, some of these details may change through concession during the life of the works order so the data is editable and cross referenced to a concession order.

Once the works order has a corresponding job card, scanning the QR code loads the job card and prepares to record measurement data from the gauge. When all readings have been taken the data is stored to a database, the user is logged out and the screen continues to display the last set of results and all previous mean results, for the works order and cabinet selected, are shown as a trend.

Job cards allow dimensional changes, relocation of work to a different production line, disabling of crimp stations (cabinets in the example), entry of concession details and closure/re-opening of the works order. These details control the behaviour of the main application when the QR is scanned and stored with every set of results so changes can be traced.

The trend viewer shows all mean results for both height and diameter for any works order. The data is selectable by production line (Work Centre), and crimp station (Cabinet). This view shows the results for both cabinets, the cursors allow you to extract data for any node showing the measurement and the date and time it was recorded.

Databases are standard OBDC and compatible with Access. If there are more than one inspection unit on site the databases may be kept in a network location and shared by the inspection units. All user data, calibration masters, filling line information, job cards and results data can be shared.

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