Aerosol Equipment

From Crimp Gauges to Manual Capping Machines, STT provide specialist equipment for use on your production lines, testing in the laboratory or for any prototype work required.

Crimp Depth and Diameter Gauge

Reduce Aerosol production line quality costs with Award Winning STT Crimp Depth & Diameter Gauge.

Accurately monitoring Crimp quality on process lines can be a big headache. The STT Crimp Gauge will give you confidence that your quality control is effectively cutting reject costs.

Centre Boss (Pedestal) &/or Stem Height Gauges can be added to the unit to create a compact Aerosol Can test system.

Manual Capping Machine

Primarily for use in the laboratory & prototype departments for placing caps on cans for low volume batches.

Interchangeable capping heads & holders for different styles & sizes.

Alternative capping heads available for various makes of capping chucks.

Pneumatically operated.

Cap Actuator Cycle Test Fixture

Tests life cycle of cap actuator.

Accommodates all sizes of Can diameter & height.

Pneumatically operated.

Valve Diameter & Stem Height Gauge

Measures Valve Diameter & Stem Height to monitor consistency of cap/actuator assembly.

Data displayed on a mini pc & logged locally.

Data export facility.

Can Stability Gauge

Used to test the angle a Can is able to stand at, before falling.

Ecogorge Gauge

Dimensional inspection of all features around the working end of the Aerosol Can.

Quick & repeatable, simultaneous, multi-dimensional inspection.

Integral data logging & data export

Radial Can Cutter

Safe & easy to use, the STT Can Cutter is used for cutting a wide range of Can sizes.

Cutting blades can be adjusted along the length of the Can to enable you to cut the Can in any position.

Manual operation means you have full control, as the Can rotates the cutting blade is moved forward with a thumb screw, cutting to leave a neat precise clean edge for easier internal inspection.

View videos of the Can Cutter

Impact Test Rig

Test the resilience of Aerosol Can walls with the STT Impact Test Rig.

The Aerosol Can is held securely & a weight is raised to set height, this can be adjusted for different sizes of Cans.

The weight is then released to drop onto the Can.

A simple reliable & repeatable test.

Ronchi Capping Chuck Assemblies

Why pay OEM prices?

STT can offer capping chucks & assemblies to suit Ronchi machines

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Alcoa Capping Chuck Assemblies

Why pay OEM prices?

STT can also offer capping chucks & assemblies to suit Alcoa machines

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